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Flood Commemoration Week

BoCo Strong is kicking off the Flood Commemoration Week by welcoming the county to Gateway Park on September 7th, 2014 from 12-4. For more information, check out the calendar and events page here. Join us to share food, drink, and support. We are looking forward to showing that together, we are Boulder County Strong.


The mission of BoCo Strong is to coordinate a process of individual, business, neighborhood, community and countywide resilience that integrates action across Boulder County in ways which increase the effectiveness of our existing collective capacity of all sectors, respects the unique character of each town and city and leverages additional resources, participation and leadership.


Following the 2013 Flood, a wide variety of Boulder County residents and organizations from all sectors of the county have come together to form the Long Term Flood Recovery Group of Boulder County (LTFRG). In addition to identifying and addressing individual unmet needs, the LTFRG has learned from other communities hard hit by disaster the importance of engaging all parts of the community about how to rebuild stronger and better, including all hazard mitigation, cultural landmarks, economic development, nonprofits, parks and other public infrastructure. BoCo Strong was formed as a subcommittee of the LTFRG to champion community engagement and build community resilience.

Get Involved

BoCo Strong believes a critical piece of building resilience is convening conversations about our strengths, areas where we can improve and opportunities for taking action. Our goal is to help build connections among individuals, neighborhoods, communities and sectors that will foster natural and opportunistic partnerships and strategies for resilience.

BoCo Strong will convene dozens of Resilience Conversations throughout the county in July 2014 (see the calendar for a meeting that works for you), but they will be most impactful only with widescale participation and input from you, your family, friends, and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you at one!

The BoCo Strong calendar is also ready to include all the flood commemoration events that are being planned across the county so if you know of one that is happening or want to plan one then please share it with us; a facilitator in a box kit has been developed in case you would like to plan and hold your own resilience conversation; and the BoCo Strong website is ready to share any and all photos, videos, and stories you would like to share. The email address is


If you are unable to attend a meeting then please fill out our survey so we can include your experiences and input in developing resilience best practices. Click here to answer the questions.

BoCo Resilience

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Flood Commemoration Week 2014 will be marked by communities all over the county. Find one to attend or submit your event

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