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Sanchez Community Garden in Lafayette among BoCo Strong Resilience Award winners

Lyons town administrator also among recipients

By Whitney Bryen
The 10-plot community garden across the street from Lafayette's Alicia Sanchez Elementary School is more than a piece of earth to grow squash and tomatoes. For some of the families working the soil, it's a healthy meal they otherwise couldn't afford. "Last year, we had one family who couldn't afford groceries, but mom is out working the garden and now she has tomatoes to make tomato sauce for her family," garden coordinator Annette Thull said. "Stories like that are why we have a community garden and to me that says it's working." Late last month, the parent- and community-run garden received one of eight Resilience Awards honoring people, projects and organizations that are strengthening communities across Boulder County. Advertisement The inaugural awards were handed out Sept. 24 during a ceremony at Planet Bluegrass in Lyons hosted by BoCo Strong.

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About us

The mission of BoCo Strong is to coordinate a process of individual, business, neighborhood, community and countywide resilience that integrates action across Boulder County in ways which increase the effectiveness of our existing collective capacity across all sectors, respect the unique character of each town and city and leverage additional resources, participation and leadership.

Back ground

BoCo Strong is a cross-county initiative to enhance county-wide resilience to respond effectively to future challenges. This initiative was launched in the wake of the September 2013 flooding in Colorado. Since the kickoff on March 13, 2014, we have convened 22 resilience conversations with residents, organized successful flood anniversary events, and convened key representatives from all sectors across Boulder County to discuss the merits of forming a countywide grassroots resilience initiative. We have just received a major grant from the state to begin several initiatives aimed at reducing the impact of future shocks and stresses on individuals, families, neighborhoods, organizations, communities and the county as a whole. These include the following areas of work:

The Regional Resilience Network promotes innovation labs and quarterly meetups to engage diverse partners.

Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster network promotes community powered disaster response and recovery.

Committing to boots on the ground efforts, BoCo Strong will be working with communities to support pilot projects focused on resilience.

Check back here for community events, resilience meetups, and new opportunities for connection and collaboration.

Steering Committee
BoCo Strong's Steering Committee is composed of representatives from local government, businesses and nonprofits. We seek to represent a wide swath of Boulder County, so please contact us if you would like to join.
  • Erika Archer
    Town of Jamestown
  • Katie Arrington
    Boulder County
  • Joycelyn Fankhouser
    Town of Lyons
  • Greg Guibert
    City of Boulder
  • Amy Hardy
    Foothills United Way, InterMountain Alliance
  • Brett KenCairn
    City of Boulder
  • Laura Levy
    Town of Lyons
  • Garry Sanfacon
    Boulder County
  • Carmen Ramirez
    City of Longmont
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