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The mission of BoCo Strong is to coordinate a process of individual, business, neighborhood, community and countywide resilience that integrates action across Boulder County in ways which increase the effectiveness of our existing collective capacity of all sectors, respects the unique character of each town and city and leverages additional resources, participation and leadership.


BoCo Strong is a cross-county initiative to build on the lessons learned from recent flood and fire events to enhance county-wide resilience to respond effectively to future challenges. This initiative was launched nine months ago in the wake of the September 2013 Flood. Efforts so far have included a kickoff event March 13 at Xilinx, convened 22 resilience conversations with residents and organized successful one-year flood anniversary community building events. As its next step, BoCo Strong is convening key representatives from all sectors across Boulder County to discuss the merits of forming a county-wide grassroots resilience initiative. This coalition will build on the best practices learned from the 2013 Flood and the subsequent efforts that are in progress to reduce the impact of future shocks and stresses on individuals, families, neighborhoods, organizations, communities and the county as a whole.

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BoCo Strong has held 22 community meetings across the county over the last three months. The resulting data is now being analyzed and will result in a report to help establish best practices and future action that will help create metrics and best practices for emergency preparedness and response.

If you would like to add to the data pool and convene a meeting of your own, then please contact us at We have facilitator kits and assistance available for anyone wishing to hold a conversation on their own turf and in their own time. Or we can help by providing meeting facilitators and recorders.


If you are unable to hold a meeting but would like to participate then please consider filling out our survey so we can include your experiences and input in developing resilience best practices. Click here to answer the questions.

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