Meetings and Commemoration

Commemoration Week

Each town, city, and area in Boulder County had their unique experience during last year's flooding. To support recovery, healing, and connection throughout the county, BoCo Strong is holding a flood commemoration kickoff on September 7th at Gateway Park in North Boulder. Held from 12-4pm, this event will provide an opportunity for the entire county to gather, share support for one another, and learn how each of the towns has been recovering. No matter what your experience was during the flooding, come share it, hear from your neighbors, and enjoy music, a plethora of kids activities, and food and drink.
Each community will be holding individual events throughout the week, commemorating events in their own way and time. Check out the calendar below for events on each day, or download a static pdf: Commemoration Calendar


Please help us and your community by making your voices heard at one of these resilience conversations. This can happen in whichever location best works for you, or by convening one of your own. We have facilitator kits and assistance available for anyone wishing to hold a conversation on their own turf and in their own time. For more information email


If you are unable to attend a meeting then please fill out our survey so we can include your experiences and input in developing resilience best practices. Click here to answer our questions.
What matters most is that BoCo Strong means recognizing the shared impact, knowledge, and stronger future that will come from hearing your thoughts and experiences. We can't be resilient without you.

  • Flood Commemoration Week

    September 2013 brought unprecedented rainfall to the region causing significant flooding and extensive damage to both private property and countywide infrastructure. More than 18 inches of rain fell on the region over a five day period and on Sept. 13, 2013 Boulder County was declared a national disaster area by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The National Weather Service Described the storm event that impacted the region as a 1000-year precipitation event.

  • Vision

    BoCo Strong Flood Commemoration Week is an opportunity for cities and individuals across Boulder County to remember, learn and unite around the anniversary of the September 2013 flood events.

    BoCo Strong is a reminder that Boulder County, although greatly affected by the flood event, has adapted to change, bounced forward from adversity, and strengthened community connections throughout the county.

  • Kickoff Event

    Sept. 7, 12pm-4pm
    Gateway Park | 4800 28th St, Boulder County
    The focus of this event is to nurture the community connections, strength, and resilience that have emerged in the wake of last year's floods. We are gathering as a county to show each other support, get updates on how each area is recovering, and share how residents of Boulder County build hope and strength every day. There will be music, children's activities, representatives from flood-affected towns, and a performance by Playback Theatre West. Join us and bring your family.